Open Letter To Sunday Nation Chief Editor

Dear sir/madam,

I salute you for the good work you have been doing of informing us on a number of issues besides giving the public a chance to share our thoughts and insights. Thank you. 

You may not see this letter directly but some of your coworkers will; and if they share with you this post I will appreciate.

I applaud you for your great work in today's Sunday Nation Newspaper. I must confess that am not an avid reader of newspapers, however, a few days in a week I flip through with key interests on topical issues.

It is my desire to draw your attention to seven articles that moved me to read the Papers today. Here are the titles given:

1. Experts blame failed dreams, poverty for early marriages.
2. Unjust rulings prompt calls to amend sexual offences law.
3. Be proud of yourself no matter your body size, students told.
4. Why couples are turning on each other.
5. Experts: law is not fair to abused women.
6. Our children are TV Junkies and it is worrying.
7. Don's suicide shines spotlight on depression.

The above gave me the feeling that you have started giving more attention to the issues ailing our society.

I chose to make this an open letter so that other stakeholders can also get the message I wish to pass across. The norm dictates that I write a mail which I can but on this matter, allow me to just share a post that can also be read by those who are in the social media as well.

A time has come for our nation and continent to become more proactive than reactive to what ails us. A time has come that, the mainstream media takes the lead to drive an agenda on how we can professionally and in an organized manner have #decentconversation on social matters.

I am aware that we live in a competitive capitalistic society. And this moves us to unconsciously or consciously give attention to what brings more money in our accounts and neglect very important matters in the society.

Let me mention a few issues whose magnitude continue to increase:
1. Moral decay in our society.
2. Domestic violence.
3. Depression, suicidal cases.
4. Corruption in all our institutions.
5. Drug and substance abuse menace.
6. Indiscipline cases in our schools.
Just to mention but a few.

I didn't want or intent to make this a long post so let me windup with a few questions. Is there a positive agenda that you're driving or we have let the forces of nature drive us any where it wishes? Are we aware of the "silent war" that exists as Dr. Kingsley L. Dennis in his book, 'The Struggle for Your mind'? A drive to confuse us on what matters most in our life. Are we able to evaluate as a society where we have come from, where we are and where we are going with such trending issues? Once again what agenda are we driving if any?

Cc: All Media houses.

©Isaac Maweu 5th August 2018
Counseling Psychologist


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