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What is The Fuss about Having a Blind Date?

Last Friday we had an event that was focusing on #DatingandTechnology. To kick start the conversation, there was a brief debate on "whether one would go for a blind date or not". 
This conversation was mind blowing and I got to learn so much which will be shared in this post. The general feeling is most people do not mind going for a blind date. However, the conditions to the nature of the date.
Some of the issues that came up include: The need to know the face of the person they are meetingThe need to meet in a secure placeThe need to have a wing man/woman in case things go south Also check out: The ‘Presidential Wait’ in Relationships
Going for a blind date is exciting and a daring adventure. You could be meeting up with someone you either know nothing about or just the basics. But what would motivate anyone to do that?  Blind date begins by a point of interest that pushes you to want to know the other personThere is very low expectations. It could either go well or bad s…

7 Great Tips On How To Enjoy First Date

Dating and Courtship is one of the biggest privileges us people of this century have. During our parents days marriage was planned and getting to 'know each other' was  experienced inside the marriage. Nevertheless this planned marriages lasted until death did them part.
I thank God and the evolving world for the opportunity to make our own choices when choosing a spouse. Dating is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. To those who happen to meet online accidentally or on social media platforms it is important that when you finally meet  face to face you have fun and enjoy each others company. 
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As you prepare  and while you are on the date I want to share some tips that will make you enjoy your first date and feel happy even after the date is over. Whether the relationship will proceed to a second date or end after the first date it is important one enjoys thus leaving no room for regrets.
Meet in a public place. The person may not necessar…

November Events By Decent Conversations

November is here and it comes with good tidings. We may have postponed our events last month but this month we shall give you a double doze. 
This Friday which is 17th November 2017YMCA National Headquarters along State House Road next St. Paul’s Catholic Church from 4.30 PM.  The theme of the event will be Healthy Vs Unhealthy Relationships, with main focus being on the topic of dating and technology.  Check out: Does God Accept Online Dating?
The event presents an opportunity for the young people to deeply understand the basis of healthy and unhealthy relationships focusing on #DatingandTechnonology
We will be having a group of well able and experienced panelist to handle the lingering questions that the youth have on this significant topic. Book your space on Eventbrite. The event has been organized by YMCA and Decent Conversations (An initiative under Digital Scroll Media).
Then, on 24th November 2017,  Decent Conversation will be hosting yet another delicious event. The event w…

5 Statements That Scare Men Coming from a Woman

Men and women are created differently and their way of communication is also very different. There are statements that women might say casually, it could be with a hidden intention or not, but men will take them seriously or get confused. 
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In my opinion, most of these statements are used to gauge a man both emotionally and psychologically. 
The most dread statements are: 1. We need to talk This is a tricky one because it could be about anything and everything. 
2. Do you know what day today is? Ladies are keen with dates especially those that mean something. In most cases but not always marking dates is not a priority for men and they do not want to be caught. 3. Do you think I am fat? Physical appearance is important for ladies and this questions could go south really fast if answered wrongly.

4. Do what you want? This statement will mostly torment a man as they try to figure out whether you meant it or not. Lets face it, when l…

Does God Accept Online Dating?

Do you believe in Online dating as a Christian? One is never sure when or where they will find their true love. However, one thing is clear, you will find or bump into the  love of your life someplace in this universe. Yes! True love that will sweep you off your feet and your heart will want to learn  How To Be And Remain Blind In Love.

I simply define dating in a relationship as that process of getting to know each other part of a relationship where one can either fall deeply in love or completely out of love.  As I keep sharing on dating and technology I asked members of my Bible Study group their take on online dating. Is online dating a good way to meet a future spouse? There was a lot of strong 'No's and Never after long minutes of opinion giving I rephrased my question and asked. 
Is online christian dating a good option to find a spouse if you don't meet anyone in church or through other 'normal' ways?

I say that the biblical issue here is not how the two o…

How to Be and Remain Blind in Love

Almost everyone has a chance of falling in love once in their life. The young love is often mind blowing that you do not want the moment to end. I have even heard people say, ‘I wish this moment could last forever’.
There is always a chance for a happily ever after but the feeling is never the same as the first moment of falling in love. 
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