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7 Issues that Women Deal With at Different Points in Life

I hold the opinion that women are a complex species and are faced with challenges and issues that may normally not appear as such. 
So I have done my own analysis and realized that, every women in a certain point in life will struggle with these items. 
They are not all life threatening but,

Plant What You Want To Reap (Love Chronicles)

‘The only thing I wantfrom my husband is his love. I don’t care about his money or even the fridge that is full of food in the house,’ wept a woman to her friends. I was seated with them on the same table at a restaurant. 

“Ken doesn’t care or even have time for me; he never notices me or even consults me in anything. Like the other day he just walked in with a brand new green carpet. Who buys a green carpet in a house that the walls are painted blue and the sofas are red which he also bought

Real Submission Vs Real Love (Marriage Chronicles)

Jambo! Jambo! Heeeeeeee it’s been a while since I was here. Truth is I missed you. This woman has been super busy and a lot has grown and is glowing inside her soul.

I will share with you soon (winking to myself)

Top 3 Relationship Killers

Relationships take work to flourish. The excitement is highest at the beginning and often wilts out. Preserving the spark after the honeymoon period may require deliberate effort.
Here are three things to avoid, to save your relationship from an early death:
1)Poor Communication Communication not only covers what you feel or what you need but also, your relationship expectations.
When you get into a relationship, express your intentions and expectations to avoid disappointment if not met.
Practice a culture of being

Love and Lust: Tearing Down the Relationship Veil

What is love and what is lust?

This are two terms that can not be explained exhaustively when discussing relationships. Below are different definitions that came up during the Love and Lust Forum on 17th February 2017.

1. Definition by Dr. Sheba Okumu