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Never Evers Of Online Dating

Opening ourselves to love may require opening our minds to new experiences and opportunities. online dating just might be your ticket to happily ever after. 
Alright, so now you are all set with a shinny dating profile that's garnered lots of hits from potential soulmates. You have windowed through the pool and chosen your potential catch. It's time to link up, date and time is set up. You are all geared up, excited and anxious on what you are going to see.
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Remember you are meeting up with a stranger and it would be important for one to be cautious and take same measures. I have read and asked a few people who have ever tried finding love online.

Here are a few tips on what not to do when going, during and after the first date; 1. Do not Be quick to meet up. Get to know each other. Chat for some time if possible months before you suggest meeting face to face. This will help each of you to familiarize with one another , break the ice …

Phones and Relationships

Salon gossip is always true (if not most of the times its real life) A few days back  I was at the salon and this beautiful lady walks in all jovial and excited, sit and starts chit chatting with my hairdresser. In the process my hairdresser asks how her home is. We were doing fine until his phone forced us to call in the pastor to come and reconcile the two of us. 
"Mary how many times have I warned you that if you wanted to have peace in your marriage do not touch your husband's phone. What you do not know won't kill you!" exclaimed my hairdresser.
I'm not one to go snooping in my husbands phone but on this particular day he was acted very strangely. I got home from church and wanted to inquire something from my Bible study team leader. Since I didn't have enough airtime on my phone I asked to use his and was very reluctant to give it to me. I got very curious and my gut feeling kept telling me there was something he was hiding from me. 
So when he hands h…

Women Leadership: Changing the Narrative

This article first appeared on Preach Through My Lyrics Magazine. To get your free copy follow this link.

“There is no such difference between men and women that women may not do great things, as we have seen by the example of many saints who have done great things. And I hope in God that it will be seen that women in time

Healthy Vs Unhealthy Relationships Forum Postponed

Due to unavoidable circumstances, the event has been postponed till further notice, the next date will be communicate. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We are however, always available to engage in online conversations #DecentConversation

Find us on @DecentHub on twitter and join our Facebook group Decent Conversation.

Thank you for your constant support.

Upcoming Event: Healthy Vs Unhealthy Relationships (#DatingandTechnology)

We take this opportunity to invite you to The YMCA and Decent Conversations (Initiative under Digital Scroll Media) youth relationship forum which will be held on Friday, October 2017 at the YMCA National Headquarters along State House Road next St. Paul’s Catholic Church from 4.30 PM. 
The theme of the event will be Healthy Vs Unhealthy Relationships, with main focus being on the topic of dating and technology.

This event will provide a platform for a candid discussion on how the dating game has been influenced and affected both actively and passively by Technology.
To RSVP go use this link and sign up

Money And Relationships: My Perspective

When we had Money and Relationships as our topic last month. I realized and learnt that money matters is a very crucial and serious issue in all relationships, courtships and Marriages.

Everyone wants someone who is financially stable, we really don't care what the future holds. I spoke to many of my friends both married, single or dating. one thing is clear all of us will never really see eye to eye on money issues.
Our perspectives are very