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7 Things You Should Avoid as You Wait For 'Prince Charming'

There things you can do as you wait for a proper spouse. You can check out the article, 5 Things You Must do as You wait For 'Prince Charming'. There are also routines you

7 Top Reasons Why He is Better than You

Why is he better than me? 
What does he have that I don't? 
What did you see in him?

Clearly this are questions that you will probably asking if you

5 Easy ways for Dads to Bond with their Kids

With the fathers' day talk last month, so many issues came up. It got me thinking, how very many Dads have a difficult time bonding with their kids. There is that

5 Things You Must Do as You Wait for ‘Prince Charming’

Crazy how everyone has a 5 or 10 years plan of their life. You know, by this time I should have done this and that. Maybe gotten a job,