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The Narrow Escape that Never Was

Growing up there was always something to look forward to. Do not get excited, it never was that serious but just ‘a narrow escape’. At every stage I look forward to the next available ‘escape’.

I am told as a toddler, I looked forward to going to school since all my siblings were already schooling. In pre-school, I looked forward to Primary School because I wanted to be in the same school with my elder sister. No sooner had I wished for it than my parents took me to that school; there was some drama involved but that’s a story for another day.
After getting a chance to be in the same school with my sister the excitement faded away during my preteen years. I got to the point of desiring to go to High School and be in a different school from her. Better still I longed for a school where nobody knew me, and I did not require parental escort. Taking yourself to school seemed like a big deal back then.
My desire for independence started early but my gut tells me it was probably rebellion kic…

Why Motivation?

For the longest time, I never believed in motivational speakers and regarded them as a scam. I could not resonate with the logic behind motivation speaking and how it impacts on life. Flash-forward to now and I am beginning to buy into the idea. Truth be told, motivation may not get you far in life, but it will definitely get you started.

Motivation helps you clearly articulate your dream and even develop a road-map. Without motivation, you will not have the zeal to defy all odds and even side-line negative energy to keep moving. It is motivation give you the energy to trust your gut when everything seems to be against you or even act when you don’t feel like it. What would you do without motivation?
On several occasions people have referred to me as a motivational speaker and I never liked it one bit. [PS. This is not why I am embracing the art of motivational speaking]. Deep down, I have always felt that, to be a great motivator you need to be ahead in life in order to have something …