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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Being Single

Let me begin by saying that single-hood is not such a bad thing. I know, you are probably already judging me because you have seen your friends being showered with gifts and affection everyday and you are hungry for some love.
Do not be jealous.You have something even better that she will never have again!! THE GIFT OF BEING SINGLE. I call it a gift because, it doesn't last forever at least it shouldn't. God saw it from the beginning and that is why he made Eve for Adam.

Genesis 2:18  And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.
1 Corinthians 11:9Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man. That is a story for another day. Today my focus is on, why you should enjoy being single while it still lasts. 1. You have enough time to yourself You may get some alone time when you have a significant other, but you know there will never be much of personal time. Once you begin dating, it suddenly becomes mor…

The Kids are Watching

The Kids are watching, I said to him, but he did not care. He did whatever he felt like, The presence of the children never mattered.

5 Tips in Business That Won't Work in The Dating World

So you want to compare your dating life to your business... Let me show you, some of the things that just won't work in your relationships as much as they are enforced for the success of your business. Profit maximization.We all want to make profits in our businesses and that may be one of the core reasons why we are in the business.

This however, will not get you far in your dating world. If all you are

Marriage is not a Bed of Roses Neither is it a Bed of Cactus

Not so long ago, I was listening to one of the local radio stations and women were going on and on about their bad marriages and how so many men have resorted into having extra-marital affairs. 
We have heard this kind of stories over a thousand times and if you listen closely, marriage

Top Items that Men Need to look Kempt and Stay Kempt

There is nothing as annoying and discouraging to a woman as a handsome man who is shaggy, dirty and unkempt man. To me

7 Simple Things to do to Live Happily with your Spouse

As I always say, relationships are complex and require hard work. It is not easy to always get along with your spouse since you are

Mum & Dad I am Ashamed of You

Dear Mum,I ‘m writing this letter to let you know that visiting day is in two weeks time and to please beg younot to let dadcome and visit me .He dresses in ‘yeboyebo’ (big, open plastic shoes), baggy un-ironed

6 Things to Look For When Searching for Mr. Right

It’s about time we get this issue cleared out. Are there Mr. Rights anywhere on this earth? Oh yes, there are. 
As a matter of fact, my thinking is, the idea of a Mr. Right

5 Ways to Say 'You Love Him' Without Using Words

Every successful relationship is a reflection of the amount of work that the couple has put in. There is nothing like,  
"Things will just work out".
You either make an effort or

That Moment When You Find out Your Dad is not Your Father Part 2

All your actions come with consequences and this include being in love. 

Love is a beautiful thing but when things go south

Top 5 Reasons Why Kenyan Men cannot Take Rejection

For days I have been debating with myself whether or not I should write this article and the debate was not very effective.

However, the story of the Kenyatta University graduate who

Four Rules of Motherhood that Nobody Talks About

This article first appeared on The Perspective They say their is no greater joy in life than becoming a mother. I don't know how you feel about it.  Motherhood is such a wonderful gift that nobody is able to

That Moment When You Find out Your Dad is not Your Father Part 1

Dear Marcella, it is my prayer and hope that this success card finds you well. If you are reading then it means you

7 Things You Should Avoid as You Wait For 'Prince Charming'

There things you can do as you wait for a proper spouse. You can check out the article, 5 Things You Must do as You wait For 'Prince Charming'. There are also routines you

7 Top Reasons Why He is Better than You

Why is he better than me? 
What does he have that I don't? 
What did you see in him?

Clearly this are questions that you will probably asking if you

5 Easy ways for Dads to Bond with their Kids

With the fathers' day talk last month, so many issues came up. It got me thinking, how very many Dads have a difficult time bonding with their kids. There is that

5 Things You Must Do as You Wait for ‘Prince Charming’

Crazy how everyone has a 5 or 10 years plan of their life. You know, by this time I should have done this and that. Maybe gotten a job,

Do Women Create the Monster In Men?

Here is an article that will help ladies think critically about relationships. A well compiled piece by Corazon Amukhale
“He just used and dumped me. I hate him” 
A lady was complaining to her girlfriends

The 6 Steps before Bounce Back After a Breakup

Everybody wants to win a breakup and you forget that, the real struggle begins after you

How To Tell Your Friendship is Unhealthy and What to Do

‘I feel these days you are not there when I need you.’
That was a message received from my best friend Josphine. I read the message several

How Men Try Winning You over Once They Realizes Your Value


How to Tell Your Parents You Have a Boyfriend

Relationships is one of the ‘forbidden’ topics is most homes which makes it difficult for young people to open up on the same. 

Girls have been taught

Top 5 Reasons Why I love My Mum and So Should You

Let me first appreciate the person who came up with Mothers’ Day for whatever reason he or she had. 
At least someone acknowledged how important mothers are and also how tasking it is to be one.
I agree with the saying, motherhood is the only full-time profession with no annual leave, holiday breaks, sick leave, and time out to top it up no salary.

This is why I love my mother
1. She gave me a chance to live Our mothers are second to God. They carry life in them for nine months, they go through mood swings, body changes, weight issues, diet restrictions not forgetting sleepless nights just to mention but a few. 
In a world full of liberal ideologies, I am grateful to my mum for giving me life and enduring all the challenges of motherhood for me.

2. She is My Number One Fan There are times when I have the craziest ideas and most people may not get it but, she always encourages me. 
My dreams and goals may not always be clear to all but, she is the voice that keeps me believing in myself. 3. She …

That Moment When It’s Over and You Have no Idea

It´s 2.00 am, I lay wide awake on my bed. Tried sleeping from 10.00 pm but sleep has eluded my eyes. I have been tossing and turning a million questions criss-crossing my smart mind. The biggest question being,

How To Be Your Child’s Best Friend Part 2

This is a continuation of the article on How to Be Your Child's Best Friend Part 1.
To recap in case you missed the article;

How To Be Your Child's Best Friend Part 1

Parenting is tough, we all agree. Despite the challenges, it is the desire of every parent to have a strong bond with their children. Paternal love may be natural but

Mothers and Daughters

 For the next few articles, we shall be talking about the relationships between children and their parents. Before sharing the new articles, I would like

5 Steps to Confront Him When He Comes Home Drunk

I was tossing and turning in bed asking myself endless questions. David was not yet home and it was almost 2am. He was

Rolling The Dice When ‘In Love’ With Two

I am sure you are trying to make sense out of what I am saying.It’s nothing out of the ordinary.

How to Have Successful Relationships

Relationship……... A word with all kinds of meaning depending on how you as a person understand. A simple word, complicated in its way.
We are all in different types of relationships with people and things around us. Our interaction with others depends on the kind of relationship we have with them. What is the value of your relationships? Are they worth you investing in them

A relationship in itself is a dimension of oneself that is always changing. Most of our relationships are probably family, Friends, schoolmates and workmates or business associates
Relationships can bring joy and sometimes they can present immense challenges. A relationship just like friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.
The secret to successful relationships •    Try and understand others, •    Recognize that others do not always think or act like you. They do not have the same priorities as you. •    Treat others …