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The Kids are Watching

The Kids are watching, I said to him, but he did not care. He did whatever he felt like, The presence of the children never mattered.

5 Tips in Business That Won't Work in The Dating World

So you want to compare your dating life to your business... Let me show you, some of the things that just won't work in your relationships as much as they are enforced for the success of your business. Profit maximization.We all want to make profits in our businesses and that may be one of the core reasons why we are in the business.

This however, will not get you far in your dating world. If all you are

Marriage is not a Bed of Roses Neither is it a Bed of Cactus

Not so long ago, I was listening to one of the local radio stations and women were going on and on about their bad marriages and how so many men have resorted into having extra-marital affairs. 
We have heard this kind of stories over a thousand times and if you listen closely, marriage

Top Items that Men Need to look Kempt and Stay Kempt

There is nothing as annoying and discouraging to a woman as a handsome man who is shaggy, dirty and unkempt man. To me