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Grace Muthoni: My Journey to Self-Discovery Made Me a Teen Mom

“Being a petite and short girl has been one of my greatest challenges. Despite struggling to accept myself, I was bullied by others for the better part of my schooling years.” Grace outlines with great emotions.
Grace Muthoni Maina is a first born among two and she describes her childhood as normal and simple. According to societal standards she was described as a good girl, lovable, disciplined and very outspoken.
“My greatest struggle has always been my body size and height. The older I got the more it affected me. I always felt that I needed to work hard to fit in and this affected my self esteem greatly.” Grace Explains.

While in High School, Grace decided to commit her life to Christ and would then go ahead to serve as a Sunday school teacher as well as sing in the church choir. Grace had thought this would make her feel better but as she outlines, “deep down I felt too small, not beautiful, too thin and that I was not like other girls.”
“I joined college soon after High School and h…