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Love in the Early 20s Vs Love in Late 20s

I have an obsession with public benches especially those that are; remote, lonely and offer a picturesque view. One such bench I love is one Uhuru highway round about, on your way to Upper hill before; Processional way that crosses Uhuru Park and opens out to Serena hotel. 
I love this bench for two reasons: I swear on my beard that on this road, you can easily see just about any car model if you’re the kind that is into cars perhaps because; most leafy suburbs and premium office spaces can be accessed via this road hence the “good” cars. Two; this bench offers the peace, quiet and solitude that most empaths often need to recharge from life’s fuckery, watch the skyscrapers from a distance, the park and people going about their business. 
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I can’t possibly describe how orgasmic it feels every time I see a black metallic Mercedes Benz G-class wagon -maybe because I haven’t been in one and this bench, offers you a free trip to …