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Dear daughter

So one day dad sat us down as a family during one of those weekends that we all gather at home to have a feel of a whole family (which is not as often as it was before since my two older siblings started working). 
We were all anticipating to hear what he had to say given that one of my siblings had talked to him about marriage(we had always anticipated to hear dad talk about this topic).
This should be noted before I continue, my dad was not the 'come we reason together' kind of a man. He was usually the 'do something wrong and you'll have it from me' kind of a parent. As the years are moving by, he is turning into this wise guard in our lives and keeps encouraging us

7 Attributes of a woman

"A woman was not created as God's after thoughts," Apostle Judith addressed the congregation during one of the many women's conferences that I have attended. This one gave that feeling of, how comes I've never thought of it that way. It also gave me a very new way of viewing a woman. 
There are a number of different sides of a woman that I think can make us

Ways to Co-Parent With Your Ex

Some relationships are meant to last while others must come to an end leaving one with memories, lessons and at times consequences. some of these relationships end but already there is a child involved and that means no matter how bitter or angry we are that child should never pay for your mistakes