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How to Tell Your Parents You Have a Boyfriend

Relationships is one of the ‘forbidden’ topics is most homes which makes it difficult for young people to open up on the same. 

Girls have been taught

Top 5 Reasons Why I love My Mum and So Should You

Let me first appreciate the person who came up with Mothers’ Day for whatever reason he or she had. 
At least someone acknowledged how important mothers are and also how tasking it is to be one.
I agree with the saying, motherhood is the only full-time profession with no annual leave, holiday breaks, sick leave, and time out to top it up no salary.

This is why I love my mother
1. She gave me a chance to live Our mothers are second to God. They carry life in them for nine months, they go through mood swings, body changes, weight issues, diet restrictions not forgetting sleepless nights just to mention but a few. 
In a world full of liberal ideologies, I am grateful to my mum for giving me life and enduring all the challenges of motherhood for me.

2. She is My Number One Fan There are times when I have the craziest ideas and most people may not get it but, she always encourages me. 
My dreams and goals may not always be clear to all but, she is the voice that keeps me believing in myself. 3. She …