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What is the Meaning of Dating and Why Do People Date?

A few weeks ago I read an article with the title: 'Dating is not a Marriage Proposal'.

The article was quite rational defending young men who have been 'forced' into marriage just because they were dating a certain lady. 
The writer had put down all the right facts on, why ladies should not take dating as a promise of marriage. How could I argue with facts?
Like a rational human-being I decided

5 Godly Characters To Look For In A Man

When a man falls in Love with God, it makes a difference. When there is greatness on the horizon; the devil will always send ‘The counterfeit Man’. 

His witty methods are designed to block blessings of a great man. But when God has something amazing for you, it will go beyond your comprehension. 
You are wondering who the counterfeit man

Thou Shall Respect Thy Body

“Everyone does it even the priests, Imams and bishops.” This was my boyfriend of 3 months justifying his real intentions of wanting to have sex with me. We both were born again Christians so I thought. I had gone to visit and spend sometime with my boyfriend after being apart for almost a month.
On this particular Wednesday he was very rough. His hands were trying to be all over me. To me this kind

5 Parenting Lessons from Mary and Joseph

We are just concluding the festivities but I am still thinking about Christmas. My reason for being fixated by Christmas is because I feel inspired by the story of Mary and Joseph. A young couple who were brought together for a divine purpose. 

     If they were born in this millennium, we would be saying they were ‘set up’ as a