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Love You, Take Care Of You And Be You

Happy first post from Corazon and our third post as Decent Conversation this year. God is good and great. This year there is a lot of restoration going to happen in our lives. I'm trusting God to help me be a better person for myself and for you guys.
By the way, have I told you how much Decent Conversations appreciate, love and value you for the support we get from you?
2017 was a bitter-sweet year. For some it was pretty amazing, for others it was just a drab. There were moment in the year when I doubted myself a lot, (and I believe the same happened to you) when things didn't work as I had planned in the beginning of 2017; but there were moments when God surprised and humbled me beyond my expectations.
I penned down this article on 17th this month (Happy born day to me) we are all past season's greetings, time is already zooming off. I know some of us aren't about the new year resolution life, but I do hope for your sake that you have laid down goals for 2018. I w…

Is There a Right Time To Walk Away?


5 Great Ways To Love Yourself in 2018

Let me begin by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is the first post of this year and I am supper excited because of what we have lined up.
To start us off this year, I would like us to begin by focusing on self love. What I am pointing to is appreciation of who you are and