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Mentorship Session at St Peter's Girls Utawala

One thing that gives me great fulfillment is mentorship. Every moment that I get to impact a life is priceless. 
On 14th August I got a rare chance to speak to girls at St. Peter's Girls in Utawala courtesy of Brian Ombaka. 
Together with me were other great mentors; Dorothy Otieno, Grace Ndirangu  and Corazon Amukhale. 
Brian is very passionate on matters of mentorship and health. He is also a champion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially goal 3 and 5. Brian had organized this session for us to mentor the girls as well as issue them with sanitary towels.
Madam Dorothy kicked off the session by sharing her story. She was was born and raised in Korogocho Slum and it is her dream for a better life that motivated her. Having a mother who had little interest in education and being in a volatile neighborhood her only way out was education. Dorothy's mother could not afford to take her to a tertiary institution and so she stated working soon after finishing her Form 4…

Can We Control Spread of Fake News?


When A Child Is Forced To Become An Adult

"You know you are the first born so you must behave very well because your younger siblings are looking up to you and emulating." This statement is true in most African families that the first child. Compared to other children, firstborns are raised being taught and shown how to be responsible, respectful and above all caring for others which are very good and vital for all children while growing up. In one of some of our recent forums it is becoming evident that parents are not perfect and they aren’t doing things right. Yes parenting styles are different yet some parenting ways are very unhealthy which is not good for the general well-being of the society
Most firstborns I have interacted with feel or felt over burdened with too much care-giving work that doesn’t give them a chance to fully develop. They grow up lonely and socially detached from the rest of their peers. Most of them say the pressure is too much and this is one of the causes of stress and depression that we …