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Grace Muthoni: My Journey to Self-Discovery Made Me a Teen Mom

“Being a petite and short girl has been one of my greatest challenges. Despite struggling to accept myself, I was bullied by others for the better part of my schooling years.” Grace outlines with great emotions.
Grace Muthoni Maina is a first born among two and she describes her childhood as normal and simple. According to societal standards she was described as a good girl, lovable, disciplined and very outspoken.
“My greatest struggle has always been my body size and height. The older I got the more it affected me. I always felt that I needed to work hard to fit in and this affected my self esteem greatly.” Grace Explains.

While in High School, Grace decided to commit her life to Christ and would then go ahead to serve as a Sunday school teacher as well as sing in the church choir. Grace had thought this would make her feel better but as she outlines, “deep down I felt too small, not beautiful, too thin and that I was not like other girls.”
“I joined college soon after High School and h…

The Narrow Escape that Never Was

Growing up there was always something to look forward to. Do not get excited, it never was that serious but just ‘a narrow escape’. At every stage I look forward to the next available ‘escape’.

I am told as a toddler, I looked forward to going to school since all my siblings were already schooling. In pre-school, I looked forward to Primary School because I wanted to be in the same school with my elder sister. No sooner had I wished for it than my parents took me to that school; there was some drama involved but that’s a story for another day.
After getting a chance to be in the same school with my sister the excitement faded away during my preteen years. I got to the point of desiring to go to High School and be in a different school from her. Better still I longed for a school where nobody knew me, and I did not require parental escort. Taking yourself to school seemed like a big deal back then.
My desire for independence started early but my gut tells me it was probably rebellion kic…

Why Motivation?

For the longest time, I never believed in motivational speakers and regarded them as a scam. I could not resonate with the logic behind motivation speaking and how it impacts on life. Flash-forward to now and I am beginning to buy into the idea. Truth be told, motivation may not get you far in life, but it will definitely get you started.

Motivation helps you clearly articulate your dream and even develop a road-map. Without motivation, you will not have the zeal to defy all odds and even side-line negative energy to keep moving. It is motivation give you the energy to trust your gut when everything seems to be against you or even act when you don’t feel like it. What would you do without motivation?
On several occasions people have referred to me as a motivational speaker and I never liked it one bit. [PS. This is not why I am embracing the art of motivational speaking]. Deep down, I have always felt that, to be a great motivator you need to be ahead in life in order to have something …

Ambrose Kamya: The Love Child Of Teenagers Who Has Fought For His Silver Spoon

“For the better part of my life I struggled with the feeling of rejection and sense of belonging. What has kept me going is my zeal to work hard and prove to the world that I have so much to offer for a better world.” Ambrose begins by pointing this out.
Tell us about your childhood and upbringing
I was born in 1989 by teen parents in Kiyunga Village in Eastern Uganda. My father and mother were in Senior four and Senior two, aged 19 and 18 respectively. 
When their parents heard the news, they were required to leave school to fend for the new born. My parents lived together briefly, and soon after my father had to leave to look for greener pastures. At that point he was working as a trader while my mother was a Primary School Teaching Assistant. The village grapevine was my father had impregnated two other girls and he had more responsibilities. The new family unit did not last, and both my parents went their separate ways and later remarried.
For the better part of my life, I moved from …

Children Have Emotions Help Them Grieve

Recently, I have found myself engaging in conversations on children and grief. One thing that stands out is the fact that there are many people who assume children are not able to process complex emotions. As a result, children are shielded or sidelined when it comes to grief.
You need to appreciate that, children are emotional beings. I actually think they are masters of emotional manipulation which is evident through their wide range of emotions such as tantrums, unexplained crying, hilarious laughter, spontaneous frown which they can do even before they develop speech.
Children learn a lot through observation and imitation of their environment. In fact, one of the areas that they pick up on most is language and character formation. When it comes to grief, what they observe is likely to leave them with more questions than answers and they will develop their own coping mechanism.
What I have observed and even heard from several families is that they do not engage children in the gri…

'Grieving & Healing After Loss' Book Commentary by Allan Bukusi

I met Allan Bukusi last year and the first thing he did was purchase a copy of my book, 'Grieving and Healing After Loss'. Several days later, he sent me an email that moved me to tears because it spoke to my heart.
Today I wish to share with you the following words from Allan and I hope they will speak to you as well.
This book is about two people. Eddie and Manuela. Eddie shines like a star throughout the book. Manuela is mentioned in closing or it may be that Manuela is the new beginning.
The book is written with the passion of a wounded soul watching the passing of a vibrant and energetic spirit. A spirit that says life must go on.    The author relates the sad tale with clinical accuracy and warns us that we must all be ready to walk this path. Three years on she details what she will not let go. And prays that those who walk the path may find comfort and solace on the journey- and hope that healing will come. It is a sad story that has documented history from an observer wh…