5 Easy Ways to Make the Best First Impression

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With the digitization of every aspect of life, most people are slowly losing their interpersonal skills. These skills have been proven to be critical for those seeking career advancement or business development.

Interpersonal skills begin from the point of first contact and hence the need to have a spectacular first impression. It is unfortunate that human beings are wired to judge you based on your first impression despite what else you have to offer.

Here are tips that will help you create a lasting first impression be it in a meeting, interview or social gathering.

a) Appearance and grooming

Before people listen to you they tend to form a perception of you based on how you present yourself. Always ensure that your grooming and mode of dressing represent the personality you want to show and is consistent with the occasion. Before meeting a new person, assess the nature of the meeting and the position you are presenting. As you work on your presentation it is also good to consider the culture, values and environment where your meeting will be happening.

b) Non-verbal Cues

Most of your communication is nonverbal. These mainly comprises of your body language, facial expressions and gestures.  Always sit or stand tall it communicates a confident posture. When you shake hands for the first time, make it firm and endeavor to maintain eye contact.

 During your conversation, use gestures to emphasize on key points. However, use gestures in moderation because they could be distractive or offensive to others.

c) Verbal Communication

In addition to your appearance, you make a lasting impression by how you communicate. Make sure you are clear and coherent in how you communicate. If possible, rehearse prior to your meeting to get familiar with your key points. You can also prepare talking notes where necessary. Choose your language and vocabulary level based on your audience for your to be easily understood.

Make sure that you talk naturally in a professional and confident way. If you feel uneasy, take a few seconds to get composure and speak in a natural pace.

d) Active Listening

The best way to have a lasting impression is by being a good listener. People like to know that you are listening to them attentively. For starters, avoid unnecessary interruptions whenever somebody is speaking and only ask questions when they have finished speaking.

Always maintain eye contact and nod your head occasionally, to show that you agree with what they are saying. As a bonus, make notes where necessary, it shows that you are interested in the conversation.

d) Be Yourself

Despite the numerous tips you can get on making a proper first impression, the best one is being yourself. Sometimes you can try to do everything perfectly and follow all available tips making you end up acting unnaturally and having conversations that appear rehearsed.

Just be calm at all times and communicate as you would with a friend or colleague that you already know.  


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