Effective COVID-19 Messages For Children....Episode 2

Kenya’s first case of Covid-19 case was reported on 12th March 2020 and the numbers have continued to rise drastically with 607 confirmed infected persons, 127 recoveries, and 29 deaths as of 7th May, 2020. Many more citizens are getting tested and the numbers are still expected to rise.

Sadly children are part of the above statistics given to us by the Ministry of Health. World statistics and facts about the exact number of children infected and survivors is not known due to child protection issues. In Kenya the ages of Children mentioned are 15 years, 12 years, 7 years, 2 years, and the youngest and the most recent case being a 6 months old baby.

With all this information, the sad reality remains that there is no vaccine, so parents and caregivers must protect children from this Virus at all costs. No one can help children other than the adult in their life. 

In this episode, I continue sharing some practical precautionary measures that need to be taught to our children to ensure their safety. You can also print them out and stick them on the walls as reminders.

Keep Hands off Faces.....
 Keep Fingers off your Nose, Eyes and Mouth...
Gently remind children to avoid these body parts. A clean toy could help keep their hands busy and focused elsewhere. Key word being clean.
Wash hands frequently and thoroughly...
Some children can be bothered about being asked to wash hands all the time. As a parent or caregiver you can be an example so that they emulate. You can also reward them for washing hands
Masks Should be used once and disposed off correctly...
No Sharing of...
If You Must Open Doors, Fridges etc...

Last but not least...
When all has been said...

For immediate attention, all cases of child abuse cases can be reported by calling Government of Kenya Child Helpline (116) or the Gender-Based Violence Toll-free number (1195)

Thank you for Reading And Do Share with Parents and Caregivers out there!


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