Truth About Being a Young Adolescent

I am an angry and mad teenager. I believe I have a right to be angry and annoyed. Angry at everyone in my space. This includes me. I know being a teenager is being between the ages of 13 to 18. That it is supposed to be exciting and fun at the same time. 

It is a stage of me turning into an adult where I’m expected to make mature decisions that will determine whether my future is bright or doomed. Why am I angry again? I’m angry because I have a million things crisscrossing my small mind but with a few options of who to turn to that wouldn’t judge me. The adults are supposed to understand me. My peers are supposed to love and accept me and I am expected to fully understand myself. And yet none of these people understand me. I don’t even understand me. So I’m mad!

Let me tell you what being a teenager is all about. Read:Vulnerability is all about being human.

Being a teenager at home. I want my parents to stop with the many warnings. They need to stop telling me that they are always right. They know what is best for me. I assure you most of the time they have no clue what I’m going through. They never take the time to listen to me. They are quick to jump in with a word of wisdom that I cannot make sense out of at that particular time.

It means I have no control over so many things in my life. Right from what to wear, who to be friends with, and even with my emotions. My sense of style is determined by my peers or what is trending. I choose my friends based on who I want to please and where I want to fit in. it means I have to pretend to be okay even when deep inside I’m screaming for help. My eyes are watery with the pain of some of the secrets I hold in my heart that I’m scared of revealing to anyone yet all people see is a young innocent face. It is about wanting to feel loved and yet I have no one to turn to because you all demand love from me.

I have to try and understand my family. Accepting my always annoying and blabbing parents. I am sick and tired of being compared to a “perfect’ you when you were my age. I shudder at the thought of what I am facing currently but I put up a brave show to cover up my emotions. Why? Because you judge me and your eyes are always accusing me. I’m tired of being told to grow up and yet not permitted to do things that adults are allowed to do.

Being a teenager is about me being forced to go to school. I hate it there. My teachers are busy pumping education in my system. Challenging me to set education goals but not life goals. So that they swim in my glory when exam results come out. Rules left, right and center. All they care about is their results. They never ask about my emotional well-being. All my school mates have a perfect life yet mine is empty. They are all beautiful with full, curvy hips, broad chests. I can’t tell when someone is bullying me because I will be commanded to fight back and stop being a weakling.

Being a teenager is so hard to understand if you aren’t one. It is a roller coaster ride with more downs than ups for me. It means growing up and being not so sure if the grass is greener on the other side. It is struggling to accept myself and loving myself because no one else will. It is the constant battles between my needs and wants. It is experiencing heartbreak from innocent love. Everyone tells me I deserve it for not being wise enough to know it wasn’t authentic. I deserve it for believing that it was going to last forever. No one told me there were consequences.

Being a teenager. I’m all about trying to understand and discover who I am, without everyone else telling me what I am. What I am supposed to be or whom I am supposed to emulate. It is supposed to be about me seeking advice concerning the things that are challenging to me. Not being advised on matters that are neither my problems nor the challenges I am going through at that particular time. It is should about me and not me in your lenses.

To conquer this phase I need your guidance. Parental Influence on children.

Read, share your thoughts. Start a conversation with your young adolescents at home and in the community. Get in touch with us on 0724569526 if you need any Counseling or Coaching Services for your Teenage Sons and Daughters.  


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