Effective COVID-19 Messages For Children....Episode 2

Kenya’s first case of Covid-19 case was reported on 12th March 2020 and the numbers have continued to rise drastically with 607 confirmed infected persons, 127 recoveries, and 29 deaths as of 7th May, 2020. Many more citizens are getting tested and the numbers are still expected to rise.
Sadly children are part of the above statistics given to us by the Ministry of Health. World statistics and facts about the exact number of children infected and survivors is not known due to child protection issues. In Kenya the ages of Children mentioned are 15 years, 12 years, 7 years, 2 years, and the youngest and the most recent case being a 6 months old baby.
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With all this information, the sad reality remains that there is no vaccine, so parents and caregivers must protect children from this Virus at all costs. No one can help children other than the adult in their life. 
In this episode, I continue sharing some practical precautionary m…

Effective COVID-19 Messages for Children....Episode1

World Health Organization has assessed that COVID-19 is a pandemic that is spreading across Counties and Continents across the world. As the Virus continues to spread it is governments are working hard to put prevention and control measures to ensure that their populations are safe.

Children are Global Citizens. They are key in the fight against Covid-19. The only message we are giving our children is to stay home ,wash hands and wear a mask. This is very true, but I believe more clear information on Covid-19 given to children by Parents and Caregivers will go along way in reducing the spread of the Virus amogst them.

Anyone who has interacted with Children knows that they have a lot of questions. And explaining things to them in a language they can undersatnd sometimes can be very tricky.  Here are some children realated, clear and actionable guidance for Adults to use while engaging Children on matters COVID-19

What is COVID-19?
It is a disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus. …

Safe Measures For Teenagers in the Fight Against COVID-19

Being a young adolescent in the 21st century is not easy and, the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is not making life that easy for them. With the abrupt closure of schools, cancelled events, curfews and, lock downs happening without prior warning or preparations are causing young adolescents to miss out not only in academics but on some of the biggest and important moments of their young lives.
As the virus continues to spread across the world, countries are facing multiple new stresses like psychological health risks, family confinement, isolation, and economic vulnerability. Through all these children and young adolescents are particularly very vulnerable and at risk. As countries try to understand the pandemic and come up with coping and survival mechanism for the virus, families especially parents and caregivers are faced with new challenges and realities. That of taking care of their children. One key thing to note is teenagers and youths in their early 20s have the frontal lobe of…

My Teacher Defiled Me at The Age of 8 Years but Now I Take My Power Back; Sofi Buwembo

April is sexual assault awareness month and I feel this is the best time for me to share with the world my experience as a young girl. 
I was sexually assaulted by my teacher when I was 8 years old. I was in P.3 at Kibuli Demonstration School, Uganda. My abuser’s name was Sheikh Serubogo and he taught I.R.E in lower primary.
My teacher took me to his house and as a lamb being led to the slaughterhouse, I went with him not knowing what would befall me. 
When we got there, he took my clothes off and told be to lie down. He went ahead to lie on top of me and rubbed his genitals against mine. This incident made me feel so dirty and very angry at everyone especially myself. I felt responsible for allowing such a horrible ordeal to happen to me.
I went back home as usual and kept all these to myself. I have never told a soul about what happened to me as a little girl not even my mother and God knows I have always told her everything but not this. As an 8-year-old I thought my mother would be de…

A Stalling Career and Broken Relationship Pushed me to Depression – Kaka Tim

Nairobi has always been the proverbial land of greener pastures. To seek these greener pasture Kaka Tim came to Nairobi with high spirits and there is nothing he look forward to like financial freedom. Before getting on his feet, a kind cousin offered to host him.

“My career took longer to pick up, but I remained optimistic.” Kaka Tim explains. He caught a break and got a writing engagement where payment was based on number of words. Tim worked so hard and was able to get a decent income monthly. This at the time was adequate to cater for his monthly bills.

At this point Tim decided to move out and rent his own house and so he moved into an SQ in South B. Things went on well for a while until some point when his articles were not being published. “This happened for a while and my steady income was shrinking fast. Without being published I had no income”.This was just a couple of months after he had started enjoying the financial freedom.

Parallel to the stalling career was a broken rela…

My Difficult Childhood Unknowingly Drove me into Depression; Lily Okeyo

“It is okay not to be okay”. This is a statement taken so casually but carries so much weight. It is estimated that 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression which is the most common type of mental disorder. Kenya happens to be ranked 6th in Africa in the number of depression cases at about 2 million.It is also estimated that 4 in 5 people who commit suicide are depressed at the time of their death. 
The most common causes of depression are biological changes experienced during pregnancy, genetic predisposition, psychological risks and social factors. (WHO, Kenya Mental Health Policy/Act 2014)
Even with the shocking statistics, most people suffering from mental disorders are not aware of their conditions. This is the story of one Lily Okeyo who underwent a prolonged period of depression when she was between the ages of 21 and 23 years. Which resulted to her having several suicide attempts and was almost successful on the fourth attempt. She goes on to explain, “what made the si…

I Will Not Report

I will Not Report by Sarah Masive

I know that a crime has been committed against me, I know that our legal system has laws that should protect me, I know that there are lawyers that would gladly represent me for free, I know, but I will not report this.
Every other day we hear of such cases in court, How the survivors get victimized again by supposed protectors, How the focus shifts from the crime to the character of the victim, As if it is suddenly okay to take someone's money because they didn't put it in their wallet, No, I will not report this.
Have you ever tried to wash away a stubborn stain from a stiff carpet, You could almost use a stone to force it out, That is the same vehemence with which I bathed, I wanted to wash away every thing, every scent, every piece of DNA that could associate me with him, And yet I know that I'd need evidence so, why bother? I will not report this.
You know how learned everyone is today? Every second person you meet is a lawyer or a judge, Armed with …