7 Simple Things to do to Live Happily with your Spouse

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As I always say, relationships are complex and require hard work. It is not easy to always get along with your spouse since you are
two different personalities.

You need to acknowledge that, you have different backgrounds as well as way of doing things. 

Nevertheless, it is possible to live in harmony with minimal disagreements.

After doing my own research and assessment I have compiled this list to help you:

1. Always say goodbye when leaving the house and hello when you get home

May sound so simple but it goes along way in communicating that you care especially to the ladies. Plus it is good manners. Do not leave and enter the house like a thug.

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2. Do not leave your socks at the door

Men need I say more. If you feel like leaving your socks just anywhere make the effort of putting them inside your shoes. It will save you lots of trouble.

3. Put away laundry in the designated area

These goes for both men and ladies. If you are not planning on 'recycling' put it away and do not just drop the garments anywhere. Trust me, it will save you from a lecture to say but the least.

4. Always make the bed if you wake up last

We know ourselves pretty well. Make an effort of tiding the bed even if it means just pulling the blankets. You never know what you have escaped.

5. Clear your plate or cup from the table

This is very necessary especially when you are home alone and having a meal by yourself. Just clear the table, you do not have to wash the dishes. You will come back to thank me later.

6. Press the toothpaste from the bottom

Avoid squeezing the toothpaste midway despite the urge and convenience. Take the natural flow and squeeze from below. It may appear insignificant but it can lead to a fight that you may not even begin to understand.

7. Never ask your spouse where they are coming from

This should be the last question to pop out of your mouth when your spouse gets home no matter the time of the day or night. Build a different conversation and ask this question at a later date or time when they are not so cautious. This way you are likely to get a genuine answer instead of a defensive statement.

There you go my friends. Give this tips a try even when they pinch you most and you will see how many arguments you can manage to escape. All the best.

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